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2118 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 129

Santa Monica, CA 90403

A Few Words About Me

Craig is an author, disruptive theorist, and transformation guide. He’s been on a 20-year mission to explore and discover how to live a life beyond fear, overwhelm, and any self-imposed limitations.​

Craig has also served as a guest Strategy Coach consulting, speaking, and training at USC's Lloyd Greif Entrepreneurial
School and the USC Marshall School of Business, UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and as guest speaker at Anne Arundel College in Maryland for the school of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. He’s been a keynote presenter and award winning speaker at Toastmasters International, and a presenter for SANG (Speakers and Authors Networking Group).


For over a decade he's been searching how to uncover our most powerful mental abilities, awaken our blissful purpose, and to discover the truest path to enlightenment & life mastery. He's a practicing disciple of Kriya Yoga and Self-Realization meditation. He continues to study Shamanistic Journeying & Healing, and explores Buddhist chanting, and he's explored the philosophies of phenomenology (the study of human consciousness and self-awareness), ontology (the study of metaphysics – the nature and relations of being, and science of the mind), as well as researching the psychology of the mind. 

Craig's new book Disruptors guides you to unlocking a deeper awareness and knowledge of inner-intuition, revealing how to access one's truest nature: Genius-Level Thinking.

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