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Meditation is a powerful tool for disruption

mPower is a series of guided meditations that specifically accelerate your levels of growth and natural ability, getting you back on track to your target level of peak performance in every area of your life.

This guided meditation series was created to eliminate fear, doubt, overwhelm, anxiety, and self-limiting thinking. It’s geared towards being present to the NOW and not living in the past (carrying all of your destructive baggage with you into the future).


Your LIFE journey is awakened and immediately becomes more enjoyable and effortless. Your job now is to relax and let the current of life take you effortlessly on your journey, using your oar only to keep your boat heading on a straight course, while enjoying your surroundings. In this relaxed state, you’re more present, open, and receptive. Your thoughts are clear and your focus, energy, and creativity are heightened.

You’ll find that you’ll encounter new powerful feelings and awareness’s throughout your day and as they manifest inside your conscience, you’ll begin to feel more relaxed and invigorated simultaneously.

Through these meditations, you’ll experience a flood of new thoughts of empowerment. Stick with this program and your ENTIRE STATE will change. Your brain will feel like it’s tapped into something exciting, primal, and totally YOU. You’ll feel like you’ve been to a rejuvenation spa.

We all have an internal POWER. Somewhere along the way, usually in earlier years, outside

influences begin to erode this PERSONAL POWER in the form of doubt, fear, hesitation, and self-limiting beliefs.


mPower Meditation series gets you back to a state of consciousness and awareness that allows you to perform at a much higher level. Your process will be accelerated and your choices and outcomes will become effortless.

You'll discover a new relationship and awareness of mind, body, and spirit. Your connection and vibration will reach new levels of self and opportunity.

Here are some of the upcoming meditation practices you can expect:

  • Healthful (Orange Liquid) Mediation - To cleanse your spirit and body

  • Emotional Intelligence Meditation - To give you more power in your words, thoughts, and actions

  • Connection Meditation - Building a stronger connection to everything and everyone around you

  • Creativity Meditation - Awakening your most disruptive self

  • Rejuvenation Meditation - Resetting the present, energizing your soul, activating and invigorating your youthful self

  • CEO/Leadership Meditation - Being conscious of who you really are (not the avatar you want others to see), and awakening your most powerful, natural ability to lead

  • Nutritional Meditation - Seeing who you can be by mentally seeing 'you are what you eat.'

  • The De-Stress Superhero Meditation - The is a fun adventure where you actually get to soar!

  • Mind Palace Meditation - This is a private, personal space you design mentally, where you get to practice, hone, and perfect in a safe environment created by you

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