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Reprogramming Your Mindset

One of the keys to success is to remap how your mind works which creates pathways for more powerful intentions of what you purposefully want in your life.

Since this is basically a reprogramming of your thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and life habits, and the ability to tap into and focus your intuition, it will take a consistency in your daily exercises in order to see a successful remapping of how you think, feel, and live life.

Once you've created this new framework for yourself you'll notice that your senses are hyper heightened, you are more focused and clear in your drive and your decisions, you are more creative, present, and you have a stronger ability to maintain your energy and direction of purpose.

In order to begin this "remapping" process, you must practice 3 simple (yet powerful steps in order to create a mindset that offers more powerful results in your life.

  1. Visualization Techniques - On a daily basis you must practice visualizing how you want your life to be. In other words, stop visualizing what your current state of being is and instead visualize how you WANT it to be. Actually see yourself already doing what you desire.

  2. Meditation - Use meditation practices to focus your mind, breathing, and body. Sit in a quiet place (with no distractions) and simply count your breaths. Start with a low number in the beginning (12-count), and breathe in for 12-seconds, hold for 12-seconds, then exhale for 12-seconds. By counting this way, you block out any external or negative thoughts. Your focus and attention are fully on your breathing. At the end you'll feel refreshed, focused, and clear.

  3. Censor the Negative - Notice when your negative inner voice is present. You'll recognize it because you'll begin to doubt yourself when beginning a new project or venture. Take note of any fear or overwhelm that arises and, here's simple the trick: Don't do anything more than acknowledge it. Once you confront it in this way, you'll eventually stop this (habitual) behavioral reaction. You'll begin to notice that your fear and doubt don't have as much power as they had in the past. By simply recognizing and acknowledging them, you'll be defusing any lack or limiting beliefs you encounter.

Try this for 30 days and you'll notice some surprising results!

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