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The Forgotten Power of Intention

God didn’t create you to fail. Or if you don’t believe in God, the universe did not create you to fail.

You been winning since the beginning. Think about it. The moment you were born if you don’t start to breathe, you die. If you don’t learn to walk you don’t grow. If you don’t eat you die. You’ve been learning how to succeed from the very beginning, but somewhere in your mindset (your belief system), you see yourself as having failed many times in your adult life.

Nowadays we are taught to embrace failure. Yet in our younger days we never looked at it as failure. As infants we viewed it as nothing more than; “If I want to walk I have to keep trying.”

This worked because there is no ego attached to it. No worries about how we would be judged or viewed by others. No gauge as to what success and failure really were back then. As infants, we just knew that if we wanted to do something we had to keep going until we succeeded.

Vibrationally, when you are aligned with the power of intention you do not focus on ego-based results, you focus on the desired outcome. In other words, the TARGET you’re aiming for. Don’t get stuck on manifesting. Babies do not manifest how to walk. They “aim” for the target of “walking”.

Failure -an ego-based emotion – is usually supported by how you think you’ll be judged or valued in society if you do not succeed. Once you can get past this useless emotion (or limiting belief), and focus only on hitting the target you aim for, then your results can only improve, as exampled by anyone successful, we admire, who has hit their own target many times.

They are not more gifted than you, more capable than you, or luckier than you. They chose a target and worked at it until they got the results they desired.

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