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Thoughts are Things

In order to make changes in your thinking habits, and effectively changing them from negative, fear-based, to ones that are positive, empowering, and open up your inspiration, creativity, and limitless style of thinking, you must replace negative, self-limiting behavior with an opposite, more constructive and useful style of thinking.

The simplest, most effective way to do this is to practice just acknowledging when you have a negative thought or belief.

By simply recognizing it (not doing anything to fix or correct it), you begin to take its power away and eventually, as this habit of recognizing and acknowledging your negative thinking occurs more often, you actually will see your negative, fearful reactions and behaviors diminish.

This is known as an interrupt pattern. It’s a psychological term for recognizing and challenging a behavior pattern that you want to ratify or change.

If you acknowledge these negative thinking outbursts by verbally saying something like “Got you!” or “noise” or whatever you choose to say, you take away its power by simply recognizing it.

You won’t have to do any deep mental exercise, in fact, quite the opposite. Your subconscious has had years to develop a strong negative belief system and this is the most effective, simple tool you can use to replace it with positive, empowering thinking habits.

This is no more difficult than when you acknowledge a car you’ve noticed on the road. Have you ever been looking at a new car and suddenly you start seeing the car everywhere you go?

You don’t rush out and buy that car, you don’t start checking your financial situation, you simply acknowledge that it has appeared.

This is the same when negative thoughts pop up. You are just recognizing them, and acknowledging them with an “interrupt” word or phrase that, subconsciously, begins to disrupt, and diminish its negative power over you.

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