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Top Performance Thinking

Breaking Through Limitations

Have you ever witnessed a top athlete at peak performance? He is fully engaged and focused. However, if his head is not in the game, if he is of a duel mind, distracted by some non-related issue, his performance will be off.


Top athletes and successful entrepreneurs know that above and beyond any athletic ability, skill, or prowess they possess, if their head is not in the game, if something disturbs their natural, intuitive process, distracts them from their job, causes negativity, doubt in their ability, or limits their beliefs, then it won’t matter how many free-throws, passes, or swings of the club they master. It won’t matter how far they run, how agile they are, how skilled a surfer, how fast they can pitch, or how tightly they can take a curve. If their MIND is not fully in the game and not PRESENT, they lose their advantage.


If he or she is not fully PRESENT and engaged in the NOW, their results will be less than winning.


For the superior athlete, there is much emphasis and practice dedicated to mental performance. With the guidance of a psychological performance coach, hours are spent visualizing how he will perform long before he hits the field of play.


This same practice is used by top-performing CEOs and is responsible for determining a successful outcome.


Top athletes will incorporate two regimes into their practice to improve their game performance. One is to mentally visualize over and over an upcoming competition, event, race, or performance using mental visualization techniques.


Another powerful practice they incorporate into their successful outcome is through meditation, which sharpens the mind, eliminates fear and overwhelm, all while focusing and energizing the body.


The thing that holds many of us back is a conditioned limiting thinking taught to us at an early age. When we develop the tools to overcome these limiting behaviors, we open up new areas of development, creation, expansion, and evolutionary thinking that set newer standards for higher-mental development.

Designing Your Tomorrow
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