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Your Powerful Self

Albert Einstein once said;


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."


The powerful self is a pathway to accessing your natural state of mind, body, and spirit through the process of overcoming limiting beliefs. Everything that is intuitive and instinctive is your most powerful states for optimal thinking.


Intuition happens fast and the brain organizes thousands of ideas, thoughts, and feelings into a conclusion instantly, but unless we are attuned to how our intuition interprets all this information, we'll miss the real benefits.


Mindfulness helps you see the world with much more clarity.


There is an Icelandic phrase that illustrates this mindful ability: InnSaei (the power of intuition).


There are 3 ways to interpret InnSaei:


  1. The sea within

  2. To see within

  3. To see from inside out


The principle of accessing your most POWERFUL self is to tap into your natural ability and trust in your own unique intuitive mind. On the surface this seems difficult to do, however, this is simply because you have not built this muscle, nor have you seen any profound results from relying on this state of thinking. 


Once you understand that there are three important types of thinking, you can then begin to develop a mindset that creates peak mental performance.


These three important styles of thinking are:


  1. Rational Thinking - Thinking in a logical or pragmatic way, typically in order to take care of pressing needs.

  2. Emotional Thinking - Thinking that is based upon feelings, especially in the areas of desire or lack thereof.

  3. Intuitive Thinking - One's natural ability to know and reason based upon inner knowledge and intuition.


While there are many other types of thinking styles, only one is the most important to consider when developing your own powerful mindset, one that's capable of creating a life that is fulfilling, passionate, happy, and expansive. Do you know which one?

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